Demand Response

Demand Response Information

Demand Response is a call-in service that Finney County Transit offers to the community within Finney County. This service is usually used by out of city-limit clients. This service is provided on a first come first serve basis and if the availability to make the ride is available. 


Demand Response Fare: $2.00 

*For every extra 5 miles add a $1.00 to Fare

FCT Punch Card: $20.00


FCT Punch Card: $10.00

Extra Information

When using our Demand Response service you will have to use our City-Link services for in town destinations after you arrive at your destination. When you are done at your destination we will provide transportation back to your point of origin. 

Demand Response

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Demand Response Guidelines Spanish (pdf)


Demand Response Guideline 5.17 (pdf)